Choose Your Career

Without Influence.

The fruit of 15 years experience.
Created to avoid influencing you.
5 days of reflection exercises.
Meaning, personal development.

(Re) Discover yourself & evaluate your personnal tastes. Take stock of your desires. Identify your Dream Job precisely!

(Re) Discover yourself & evaluate your personnal tastes. Take stock of your desires. Identify your Dream Job precisely!

I Find My Career

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Efficiency results of career methods in France:

  • 43% of students do not have a career plan at the time they choose a path

  • 47% executive's childrens declare their parents choose for them

  • 54% Did not persue their dream career path when it was not recommended

  • 37% of university drop outs after 2 years.

  • Source : Crédoc, Aider les jeunes a mieux identifier leurs gouts et motivations personnelles: Un levier pour améliorer l’orientation, Cnesco, 2018

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I know your dilemma all too well.

Which method should I choose to find my path or my calling? Who gives the best advice and who can be trusted? How can you make sure you don't waste your time and money?

Do not let them influence you.

Influence is a disease that appears from your first notes and continues its pernicious work under different forms until the labels: "you are unique", "you are made to be commercial", "you have the artistic fiber", etc. Influence is everywhere: websites, books, speakers, teachers... Two principles to spot it: 1) question the expertise of the source. 2) question any advice, quote of studies, proclaimed obviousness, sophisms and exercises biased by the way of thinking of their author who considers, for example, that it is essential to find one's passion in order to whatever...

I created the solution.

The solution you need with a reflection program based on exercises and open-ended questions, you are not influenced. A quick introduction gives you the tools to question any advice, so you trust yourself. You never waste your time when working on personal development and at that price you won't lose your money either.
I invite you to discover in detail my career choice program below.
Path To Your Dream Job

Do not waste your time !

Thinking and researching in all directions without a strategy.

To find your Dream Job, I have created a program for you of thoughtful exercises and targeted research, in 10 key steps. Designed to avoid influencing you. This point is fundamental.

Focus on what helps you move forward to make a choice and let go of the rest.

A career program designed down to the last detail!

All conditions
are met.

Essential parameters
Conceived for you, I wanted to preserve all the essential aspects that make the effectiveness and relevance of a personalized career coaching.


Smart and fulfilling choice
Created so that each specificity can express itself as in a personalized coaching, the very good feedback makes me think that I succeeded. Choose your job intelligently and in a fulfilling way.


Deepen your self-knowledge
The exercises will allow you to get to know yourself better, to (re)discover yourself and to refocus on yourself. A necessary step to make a choice that corresponds to your real desires.


Your resources and personality
Your thinking is based on your resources and your personality, as in a real coaching. The result can only resemble you, belong to you, and reflect what you like and what you want.


Autonomy and absence of influence
These two parameters were at the heart of my concerns in the creation of the exercises and the questioning. It is for me an essential prerequisite for any orientation.


10 framed steps
Open, focused and relevant questioning will allow you to move forward each day in your thinking. The objective of each exercise is clear and you will know when to move on to the next step.


A few more clarifications on important points.
Click on each item to learn more

Through exercises that encourage you to think about what really interests you, find out what you really like and help you to put things in perspective to define what you want to do in your job.

Just because you love something doesn't mean you want to make it your profession. I like candy but that's not why I want to make candy all day long. I like driving but that's not why I want to be a taxi driver. I like sneakers but that's not why I would like to be a sneaker salesman nor designer. Be helped to figure it all out and sort it out.

Precise as "Key Account Market Manager for a major Vineyard in the Napa Valley" and not a simple path or channel, the only results given by the orientation tests. You will find YOUR profession thanks to your reflection, the only sensible way to choose a career. No test or assessment will ever be able to tell you: "you want to become a Press Relations Manager".
In 10 key steps, think in a structured, logical and simple way, without being influenced and without letting anyone else think for you.

Your life. Play it smart.

Get back on track

Having a precise
and chosen goal changes everything :

Work less and effectively.

Get your motivation back.

Have more fun working !

Get better grades.

Enjoy more free time.

Comparison of guidance methods

Tests & Counselling

My Program


≈ 400 $
9,99 $
≈ 600 / 1200 $
Based on your resources
Reflection and autonomy
Personal growth
Personality expresses itself
Discovery of true desires
Thoughtful personal choice
Client's result: a precise job
Is totally personalized
Needs involvement
Based on tests
Processed by computer
Influenced thinking
Based on grades
Computer result : paths ideas

If you would like to better understand this comparison table of the different guidance methods offered on the market, I invite you to read these few lines and to go even further in detail, I have just published a book on the issue available on this page.

Philippe Vivier Portrait

About Me

Growing up, I always had a passion for psychology and psychoanalysis. That's why I had chosen to follow that training. I realized after 3 years that I loved especially psychology, for the tools to understand people deeply and behavioral studies, but that receiving patients all day long expressing their troubles was too emotionnal for me to deal with. That is when I crossed path with an ergonomic's teacher in an hallway of the university that convinced me into choosing his training and choosing a career path in ergonomics.

It was specifically a training in occupationnal psychology with a major in ergonomics. This was a truly dark time for me. Occupationnal psychology was fascinating but my interest for ergonomics was really lacking. Hopefully I choose to specialize in human machine interactions (HIM) and that saved me from depression. My motivation went down and problems started to arise with one of my teachers on my thesis subject. I explained myself and told a couple of teachers that I was thinking about moving to a human ressources training as it was more in line with my aspirations and expectations. The fact that I did not want to persue in ergonomics was not well received at all. I struggled on through complicated and difficult relations but finally came through and finished my thesis.

At that time, I choose to take a step back for a couple of months to take stock of my true desires and I finally realized I wanted to help people a different way and followed with a profesionnal coaching training wich empowering methods spoke to me truly and felt just right.

After this last training I started working for almost 2 years for friend's company, at Paris Sorbonne Nouvelle University and Paris Orsay University, with graduates on their career goals and to prepare them for their first job interview, that is when it all clicked for me. I learned a couple of valuable lessons who kind of drived me to what I do today. First, you work better when you have a precise goal, that it's important to think thouroughly about your career beforehand, that it is mandatory to have fun working to help you on the path of a fulfilling and happy life and finally, that it is crucial not to let anyone influence you on this critical life choice. It was also clear for me, that career education and thinking during school was lacking and that most students could benefit from some real brainstorming to avoid bad choices, work depression and re-orientation years later.

After that, I worked with a team of trainers as part of a program of courses for students and PhD students, intended in part to help them identify their skills in order to define a concrete professional project, at the University of Paris Sorbonne Nouvelle and the University of Paris Orsay.

Since 2004, I am a career coach and I've helped without influence, thousands of students identify their dream job goals and choose a career smartly and quickly.


These reviews beeing quotes they haven't been translated or modified

"Mr vivier bonjour. J'aimerai vous remercier de votre aide précieuse qui m'a aider à me retrouver dans mes études. Je suis en école de design en architecture d'intérieur ( design d'espace ) et je suis un des meilleurs éléments de ma classe... je continue la ******** mais en solitaire mais je vis principalement pour mon travail et je commence a me faire un carnet d'adresses. Merci beaucoup."

Kevin.M, Paris.

"Bonsoir Philippe, ...Tes services m'ont bien ouvert l'esprit sur le choix des metiers qui me conviendraient, et je pense serieusement a passer un brevet de pilotage apres mes etudes... Je te remercie vivement. Bonne continuation,"

Thomas, Dublin.

"Bonjour! J'ai été admise en Master 2 ******** ** ********* que je voulais, et c'est en grande partie grâce à votre aide! Je vous remercie encore une fois pour tout! A bientôt,"

Kenza, Marseille.

"Bonjour, Celà fait plusieurs que nous ne nous sommes pas contacter. Je vous envoie ce mail pour vous tenir au courant du résultat. J'ai rempli mon objectif, j'ai été accépté par Cambridge. Cordialement,"

Thomas, 92.

Degrees & Experience

President of "Association Française du Coaching Scolaire et Etudiant" (AFCSE)

Master Degree in Psychology, Work Psychology and Ergonomics (Paris VIII University)

DESU Degree in Professionnal Coaching (Paris VIII University)

Coaching students since 2004

Experience in Ergonomics and Work Psychology (before 2004),

Experience in Human Ressources - Recruitment - Psychology - Psychoanalysis (before 2002)

To get in the details, see my scanned degrees, you can click on the link below: more about me

A relevant and effective alternative

65% of students make a career choice the wrong way.
Find out the reasons for the 1/3 failure rate.

The important figure : 37% failure rate in 2nd year post High School.
And in 3rd year? The statistics are not known....
And what about career changes a few years later?

35 % of students are known to seek or listen to advice from teachers, or people who don't know them deeply. Those advice are based only on their results. Therefore, they can't know the most important, what the student WANT to do.

Another 30% turn to vocational tests, guidance or counselling.

The tests, guidance methods and assessments are based on workplace related personality tests that are diverted from what they were originally designed for, and propose to reveal to you "what job you are made for". They are based on certain aspects of your personality, your academic results and some information about your expectations, without validating or questioning them.

So on the one hand, without going into details here because it would take too long, these are not orientation tests as such but personality tests at work, and on the other hand what they offer you is problematic.

Let's focus on the formulation: "what job you are made for". This is important, by formulating it this way, they return the problem.

Pay attention to the meaning, because on the surface it looks like it is what you are looking for or what you need. But, what you really need is formulated quite differently!

The deception, therefore, is in the formulation. Why don't they offer you to "find the job you really want to do"? A formulation that corresponds to what you are deeply searching for.

It's simple, they just can't help you with that. No test can ever tell you: "you want to become a Press Relations Manager". However, to choose a career is to choose what you want to do as a profession.

It is always the same principle with a computer, an artificial intelligence or any algorithm, it can say what a set of data corresponds to, depending on its parameterization, but it can never say what the individual wants and why.

Your answers to the test allow the computer to indicate results in the form of "what you are made for", "the job that suits you". In short, you understood it, absolutely not what you are looking for.

The other problem is at the result level, generally a path or a sector and not a "job" as originally advertised.

Other methods exist and offer a much more relevant alternative.

Fully personalized guidance coaching is the perfect answer to all these problems. They adapt to your reflection and are trully adaptative to any personnality and situation. When they are conducted by a real professionnal who do not use any survey or tests and WILL make you find That Dream Job but costs 600 usd on average and sometimes even 1500.

It was therefore necessary to find a great alternative accessible to all!

This program "Choose Your Career In 5 Days", in the form of a guidebook, offers you a real sensible and economical alternative to career coaching.

To think about it yourself, while being guided.

Today, it makes available to everyone a structured, simple, fast method of reflection, without influencing the student, making him autonomous and responsible, the fruit of 15 years of experience.

No list of multiple-choice questions that you don't really know what to answer and that confine reflection, no tests, no verbs of actions to surround, qualities or gifts to spot and other boring and meaningless exercises.

This program will allow you to identify and define your Dream Job and make sure you choose YOUR profession with full awareness, know where and how to find the right information on jobs and trainings to build your career plan from start to finish.

For a quick overview of the Pros and Cons of each method, you can consult the comparative table of orientation methods.

In the end, with the bonuses of this second edition, you will have all the elements ready to be able to make a great resume, a sensefull cover letter and nail your interviews.

If you wish to go into the matter in depth, I invite you to download my book on guidance methods. I guarantee that you will be interested in these revelations on the world of school guidance!

I'll download it

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Of course you will need to work on it as specified in the guidebook, but yeah if you're in a hurry, you will definitly identify it in 5 days. You can also choose to take your time and do it in several weeks, it's up to you.

Yes, teachers regularly recommend career paths to their students. more than 1 third of the sudents heard of their final career for the first time by their teacher (37 %, source credoc 2018 - Ministère de l'éducation)

Clearly, leaving his career choice to a teacher (or anyone else for that matter) is a BIG MISTAKE and i'm gonna elaborate on that. The teacherwill give his recomendation based on which school subjects you excels and absolutly not on what you love in life, what you want and what's matters to you, for a simple reason : the teatcher don't really know you.

And to go further, It is not because you are a good cook that you want to become a chef. It is not because you like to drive cars that you want to becoma a taxi driver. It is not because you have a gift for languages that you want to become a translator and it's not because you're good at math that you want to become an engineer. We can also add that someone is recommending you a career but do you even know what you will exactly do all day? Of course not...

This guidebook will help you to take some distance with all thos recommendantions and advices and think by yourself so you can make your own choices, choose your own path and ultimatly choose your life.

Yes, the guidebook is created with the purpose of helping you extract from yourself what you really want in life, therefore because there is no influence and you are the master of your reflection, you come to conclusions that naturally make sense for you but above all that give meaning to your future and your daily work to achieve this new goal.

Wide question and basic problem! To set as the first base of its reflection the slightest belief about the outlets is potentially an error except in two cases and I will explain myself.

Already, I refer you to the section of the manual dealing with how to know exactly what are the "current" opportunities on a given job. I say "current" because what is true today will not be necessary in 5 years. Forget the Newspaperistic forecasts that are rarely accurate.

The only statistical certainty in employment that will be true in 5 years is that there will be work in medicine (nurses, doctors and specialists) as well as in all trades accessible to computer engineers, because these can change specialty very quickly to adapt to a changing market and trends.

For all other careers, keep a single idea in mind, if you are passionate, you will be among the best, if you are among the best you will find a job more easily than others. In short, we always come back to the same thing, we must do a job that fascinates us. It is the only way to flourish and have the best guarantee of being desirable in the job market.

And that is exactly what this guidebook is made for, identifying your "dream job"!

This guidebook is a step-by-step guide made to help you identify what you like. This is a series of reflection exercises that following a logical sequence leads you to define the job you want to do. This will allow you to know exactly all the elements you took into account and every thoughts that led you to make that choice. It will also allow you to be able to explain clearly why it is your dream job to anyone.

Very few students have difficulties, try to make a little extra effort and if you push a little more, you can do it. That said, you can of course get help. On the other hand, be careful that the person who helps you does not advise you, it is very important. that person should merely give you a little help or help you only to better understand a specific aspect of an exercise. You shouldn't fall into the easy way by asking one of your relatives to do it with you, because in the end it will not help you, and it could even lead to that relative doing everything for you, which would be counterproductive.

First of all, the end result, a precise job title, your "dream job", and not just some sectors or vague ideas. Then, it's not a computer that will spin the information you gave it, you're the actor and it's you who are at the heart of the analysis, even if sometimes it is also about making you, specify what you like. Finally, as it is your reflection, this job will be a chosen profession and not the choice of a computer. You will be sure it's your Dream Job and you will know why.

In fact, it is close to a career guidance coaching because this guidebook is designed to make the student think by himself and without influencing him / her, to make sure that he / she moves forward at his / her own pace and with a very precise objective to reach, which gives meaning to each step. Of course the student is not in a dynamic position putting him in a relationship with a coach who asks him very specific questions towards his very unique situation and thoughts to think and find his solutions and desires, so it is mainly at the level of the framework and dynamics of an external exchange and questioning that it differs. As a result, the student will go through a series of predefined standard steps. A coaching is individualised, the steps in the guidebook are not, obviously.

I offer a satisfaction guarantee which is explained to you on the download page, you just send me an email to tell me that you are not satisfied to benefit from it. I will simply ask you to send me your completed copy for analysis and understanding so that I can, if necessary, update the manual.

Given the nature of this guidebook and that the goal is for you to identify a dream job in 5 days, and given that, you can also decide to take your time and do it in a couple months. The satisfaction guarantee is valid indefinitly.

I am not going to indicate precisely the type of exercise present in the guidebook for a matter of plagiarism but they are of "open" type. That is to say they leave you the possibility to answer in a personal way without influence by finding your own answers and not simply to choose from typical answers.
I will explain myself: It is not about giving you stupid exercices like "surround the words" that best describe what you want in your future dream job, like: the salary, the autonomy, the security of the job, the fact to work alone, a social status, contacts, possibilities of evolution, etc...

1) this doesn't help you identifying anything specific. (everyone wants that and it doesn't provide anything really usable to identify a type of job or even an activity.)
2) this biases your thinking, that is to say that it limits and directs your thinking and imagination in a sidetrack. you are proposed 10 choices, will you be tempted to find more personnal ones, that are relevant to you? Of course not.

And then, a salary, yes, but which one and why? Job security? What does this mean for you? Does the exercise in question make you think about it? Of course not, and that's the problem. I think I have explained with relevance why you will not find in this guidebook these kinds of exercises.

This guidebook will help you take stock of your desires, which will allow you to make a choice and may even choose a path you did not think of. If you hesitate between two very different options, it's a safe bet that your thinking is not totally based on what you really want / like. This manual will help you to see clearly. And if it's not the case, with my satisfaction guarantee, you have nothing to lose!

For anything that is not mentionned already in the FAQ

You can use the address below to contact me